The University of Tokyo Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education The Department of Materials Engineering

About Lab


Department of Materials Engineering,
School of Engineering,
The University of Tokyo

Research Fields

Computational material science
Computational materials engineering
Computational condenced matter physics
Computational chemistry


condenced matter of nanomaterials
electron transport phenomena at nanoscale
scanning probe microscope
atomic and electronic structures of surfaces and nanostructures on surface


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Computation Resources

Super computing system (SX-9&Altix ICE 8400EX) @ The Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo

Super computing system (SR11000&HA8000) @ Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo

Computers @ Lab.

   Quad Core Xeon 5520 (2.3GHz) x2/node x 2 with InfiniBand (16 CORE)

   Quad Core Xeon 5450 (3.0GHz) x2/node x 9 (72 CORE)

   Quad Core Xeon 5440 (2.8GHz) x2/node x 2 (16 CORE)

   Six Core Opteron 8435 (2.6GHz) x4/node x 1 (24 CORE)

   Six Core Opteron 2435 (2.6GHz) x2/node x 1 (12 CORE)

   Dual Core Opteron 2222 (3.0GHz) x2/node x 11 (44 CORE)

   Dual Core Opteron 270 (2.0GHz) x2/node x 5 (20 CORE)

   Opteron 850 (2.4GHz) x4/node x 2 ( 8 CPU)

   Opteron 254 (2.8GHz) x2/node x 7 (14 CPU)

   Opteron 250 (2.4GHz) x2/node x 19 (38 CPU)

   Opteron 248 (2.2GHz) x2/node x 20 (40 CPU)

   Itanium2 1.4GHz 1 node (2 CPU)

   Itanium2 900MHz 1 node (2 CPU)